inex24 is workable and stable

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Frederick Wolff

Ladies and gentlemen,

over a year of conception and development are behind us and now inex24, the first collaboration platform for the industrial insurance sector worldwide, is online.

inex24 is workable and stable

Together with our development partners, we have intensively tested version 1.0 of inex24 for workability and stability in many workshops over the past two months. A lot of input and requests have been noted and some have even been incorporated into the now available version at short notice. We will process the rest in the coming weeks. There is one thing we always like to hear though: "How have you managed to do all that in only six months of programming?".

inex24 is secure

Our platform contains highly sensitive customer data and they are absolutely secure there.

To have this confirmed from an independent point of view, we have commissioned Corporate Trust, a consultancy company specialising in the high-security-level field, from whom many other industrial enterprises and insurers also take advice on the issue of IT security. The experts have tried everything with white-box penetration tests and detailed source-code reviews and have come to the a gratifying conclusion: inex24 is secure. On request, we would be happy to provide interested users with a summary of the test report.

Risk carriers are on board

The most important management and investment insurers are connected and look forward to client bidding. The list will grow further because more risk bearers will be launched on inex24 in the coming weeks. We would be happy to provide you with a summary of already available partners on request.

The development continues

Admittedly, today is an important milestone for us but there will be more to follow soon because development is progressing at full speed. In the process, we will put the many ideas and input given to us by customers from all fields into action because we are convinced that there is no one with better ideas than our users, who work with inex24 daily. Collaboration in its purest form.

Watch this space. This is just the beginning.

Best wishes from Ismaning


Frederik Wulff

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